Founder & Director

Raksha Malde-Kara  previously worked and specialised in bespoke business-to-business vintage fashion. In 2007 she introduced a market research company for consumers, shoppers and retail analysis focused on the consumer packaged goods industry.

Prior to her work in PR and journalism, Raksha worked in the healthcare sector in hospitals, as a researcher for a controversial NHS campaign, and in client liaison at a mental health clinic.

As a journalist, she has covered the travel trade for business publications, including sustainable tourism in Africa and in Europe. She moved into mainstream consumer journalism during the recession, where she supplied creative content to print media outlets with a national readership in the UK, and, wrote about veganism, and the environment.

Raksha has been the first to introduce many new enterprises to the UK, such as the digital launch of Bloomberg Business Europe, and has publicised a global media organisation in the retail trade sector.

She has previously conducted a consumer press campaign for Trading Standards, raising awareness of trading during the festive season, and specialises in developing strategies to publicise well-known brands in new sectors, and, by working with innovative companies.

Raksha has had thousands of stories published in the regional, national and business trade press. She introduced Intuitivstory in the B2B retail sector, trading luxury confectionery from Latvia in 2014. Intuitivstory is a media consultancy which specialises in natural health and wellbeing, and works in B2B, and consumer.